Gunman Opens Fire On Cops

( Three police officers and a police canine were killed and four other officers injured during a shootout in Prestonburg, Kentucky last week after a five-hour stand-off at the suspect’s home.

According to law enforcement, on Thursday, two Floyd County Sheriff’s deputies had arrived at the rural home of 49-year-old Lance Storz with a warrant for his arrest in a domestic violence incident. Storz, who was armed with a rifle, opened fire on the deputies before they even made contact with him.

The suspect then barricaded himself inside the house along with his wife and daughter. The deputies called for backup and several agencies, including state police, officers from nearby counties, and SWAT, responded to the scene.

According to Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt, Storz “was a terrorist, he was just a terrorist on a mission.” Hunt said Stolz had made and executed a plan “almost to precision,” telling reporters that it took law enforcement several hours to figure out where Storz was positioned inside the house.

By the time the standoff was over, Storz had shot seven law enforcement officers, three of whom were killed. A police K9 was also killed.

According to reports, Storz murdered Prestonburg Police Captain Ralph Frasure, Deputy William Petry, and canine handler Jacob Chaffins and his dog, Drago.

Storz was arraigned on Friday where his bond was set at $10 million. He is being held in Pike County jail.

His next court appearance is scheduled for July 11.