Haley Gets Roasted In Nevada Primary

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley suffered a humiliating defeat in the November 6 Nevada primary, coming in second to “none of these candidates,” a ballot option required by law in Nevada, CBS News reported.

Nevada law requires each party to hold a primary election, however, the state Republican Party voted last year to also hold a closed caucus for only registered Republicans.

To ensure Donald Trump could easily secure the state’s 26 delegates, the state GOP would not permit any candidate running in the primary to appear on the ballot in the closed caucuses. All 26 delegates would only be awarded to the winner of the caucus, making the state-required primary irrelevant.

Haley, whose campaign lacked the resources to run in the caucus, chose to appear on the primary ballot while Donald Trump chose to run in the closed caucuses.

With Trump off the ballot, Haley should have easily won the primary since the six other names on the ballot were either little-known candidates or candidates who had already dropped out of the race.

However, that was not to be.

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, who had already endorsed Trump in 2024, revealed before the February 6 primary that he would be casting a ballot for “none of these candidates.”

Lombardo was not the only Republican voter to do so.

In the end, Haley lost to “none of these candidates” by a two-to-one margin, depriving her of even a symbolic win in the state.

CBS News later reported that Trump supporters led a “coordinated effort” to deprive Haley of a win in the primary.

This marks the first year every Nevada registered voter received a primary ballot in the mail. According to CBS News, some of Trump’s caucus captains admitted that they instructed Trump voters to use their mailed ballot to cast a vote for “none of these candidates.”