Half Of U.S. Planned Tests Aren’t Working Correctly

Half of planned U.S. missile tests by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) were not conducted, according to The Daily Caller. A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) states that in fiscal year 2022 only two of seven cyber tests were conducted. Why the agency has grossly underperformed is not explicitly known, but MDA officials allege that the issues date back to 2020. 

The silver lining for the agency is that they were more successful with flight tests, performing six out of the nine. Nevertheless, their objectives were only achieved in one test. The agency has also failed in upgrading all of its radars. 


The failures come as the United States is in a hypersonic missile race with Russia and China. Chinese hypersonic missiles have a “high probability” of penetrating U.S. defenses, according to The Daily Caller. Leaked documents from the Department of Defense revealed that in February, the CCP conducted a test flight for its new Dongfeng-27 missile that featured its capabilities to hit U.S. ballistic missile defenses (BMD). The Dongfeng-27 is an upgrade from the DF-17. 

The documents were reportedly classified and originally leaked on Discord and Telegram. They reveal that Ukraine’s air defenses are weak, NATO is preparing to rebuild Ukraine’s military, and the U.S. has engaged in spying efforts. U.S. intelligence has also allegedly compromised Russia’s defense ministry as it has collaborated with Ukraine in its war. 

Russia has also been firing its hypersonic missiles within Ukraine. But the American patriot system donated by the U.S. has been able to intercept them, although Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yurii Inhat claimed that the systems were out of date. That comment was also made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding that the more weapons the West sends to the country the longer the war is going to be prolonged.