Here’s How Much Candidates Spent In New Hampshire

Reports show two Republicans, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump, remained in the race after New Hampshire voters cast their ballots. However, other contenders had previously withdrawn from the race despite investing money to take the state.

The first two states, Iowa and New Hampshire have received over two-thirds of the roughly $300 million spent on the Republican presidential nomination chase, according to the ad-tracking company AdImpact.

This infusion of cash is mostly from outside groups and super PACs.

Haley’s super PAC has spent much more on ads in New Hampshire than Trump’s super PAC.

According to the campaign, Haley made over a hundred stops in New Hampshire and spent about $30 million to bolster her campaign there.

A strategist for the Haley campaign’s super PAC, SFA Fund Inc., Mark Harris, said that the influx of funds into New Hampshire was an attempt to boost their profile and achieve their objective of 40% of the vote.  He assured that the PAC is ready to spend all the money it needs in South Carolina.

According to CBS statistics, spending over $13 million, Trump only made 16 stops in New Hampshire,

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spent much less time and money in the state than his opponents, even though he dropped out of the campaign before the primary. Outside of Iowa, the ex-candidate spent almost $8 million in New Hampshire.   DeSantis made 48 campaign stops.  In a video released on X, DeSantis said he didn’t have a roadmap to success.

A report shows Democrats faced a significant challenge this year as President Biden did not spend time in the state and was not on the ballot. Despite a massive write-in effort, the Democrat party will not allocate delegates to the unsanctioned primary winner.

In defiance of the rearranged nominations schedule, which gave South Carolina precedence, Biden skipped the Democrat primary, breaking New Hampshire’s long-standing tradition of being the first state in the country to do so. Delegates won’t be rewarded at the Democrat convention in August.  Biden didn’t appear on the ballot,  but supporters started a write-in campaign to give him a symbolic win.

Granite for America, a super PAC run by Kathy Sullivan and other Biden supporters, spent over $1.2 million on advertisements and mailers.

Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips self-funded $5 million in New Hampshire.