HLN Host Signs Off After Getting Fired

(NewsGlobal.com)- On December 1, CNN’s new boss Chris Licht sent a memo to all staffers informing them that, as of December 6, CNN would no longer be producing live programming on its sister network Headline News (HLN), ending the 21-year relationship with HLN morning host Robin Meade.

In his memo, Licht offered his thanks to Robin Meade, describing her as “one of the longest-running morning hosts in history.” Licht added that he was sure the HLN audience “will miss her and the other HLN talent.”

“Morning Express with Robin Meade” premiered on HLN in 2005.

On Monday, Meade wrapped up her final broadcast by saying goodbye to her audience and highlighting the contributions of her crew.

Meade told her crew that doing the show with them “has been the joy of my life,” adding that she hoped they all “land on their feet” now that they lost their jobs.

She thanked her audience “for letting this kid from a middle of a cornfield do something beyond her wildest dreams.” She said her audience was her first thought every morning and her “final thought before I fall asleep.”

A former Miss Ohio, Meade worked in local news in Florida, Illinois, and Ohio before joining HLN.

In addition to the changes at HLN, Licht’s memo also announced a new round of layoffs for CNN as part of its cost-cutting efforts.

Among the CNN contributors to face the ax was Chris Cillizza, a politics reporter and editor-at-large.

Also let go in this latest round were CNN correspondents Alison Kosik, Martin Savidge, Alex Field, and Mary Ann Fox.

Daytime CNN anchor Ana Cabrera is also reportedly leaving CNN for NBC Universal. However, her exit is not related to the recent layoffs.

The other changes Licht announced included “reorganizing” CNN International and relying more on CNN journalists for analysis rather than paid contributors.