Hollywood Icon Reveals Disturbing Cancer Diagnosis

The famous actor Dolph Lundgren revealed on the Wednesday episode of “In Depth With Graham Bensinger” that he has been living with a severe disease.

Lundgren, who has appeared in films as diverse as 1985’s “Rocky IV” and 2015’s “The Hangover,” said in the interview that he has been battling cancer for the past eight years.

He said in 2015; he was diagnosed with cancer after a tumor was discovered in his kidney. Lundgren said after surgeons successfully removed a malignant growth from his kidney, he was told he would have to do scans every six months, every year, and every five years.

Lundgren said when he was back in Sweden in 2020 and had some kind of acid reflux, he went in for an MRI, and they discovered some more cancers. His lung cancer resurfaced. The actor claimed to have lung, kidney, and spine malignancies, and doctors gave him only a year to live. 

By the fall of 2021, he had undergone surgery to remove six more tumors. They scanned him to get ready for surgery, and the surgeon called him to tell me that it had grown to the size of a small lemon and that they wouldn’t be able to operate.”=

So that meant he would have to do systemic therapy.”

As his disease worsened, Lundgren went to Dr. Alexandra Drakaki to seek a second opinion, and she found something crucial.

The oncologist from California found a mutation in one of his tumors, common in lung cancer, opening the door to new therapeutic options.

Lundgren noted a 20%-30% reduction in size within just three months.

By the end of 2022, his tumors had decreased by roughly “90 percent,” and he was able to have all of his scar tissue removed.

The famed actor was given two to three years to live at one time. Lundgren was encouraged to spend time away from work with his family.

After six months of not hearing from Cedars, I decided to call them. “They must have written me off as a hopeless case,” he added.

Lundgren now values his life more than he ever has, thanks to the treatment he received.

He stated that you appreciate being with people you love every day and just enjoy being lucky enough to be alive.