Homeless Campsite Sees 4 Dead In Murder-Suicide

On Sunday, officials in North Carolina stated that deputies who responded to a report of gunfire discovered the bodies of four individuals in what seemed to be a homeless camp.

Sampson County Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Pope stated that preliminary crime scene analysis suggested the perpetrator murdered three individuals before taking their own life.

The crime scene is near the end of Tanner Lane in Autryville, in a forested area.

Following a 911 report of gunfire at 9:22 a.m., deputies searched two tents in the woods and discovered the bodies of four individuals.

Autryville is a small town of fewer than 200 inhabitants located around 55 miles from Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina.

The County Sheriff’s Office said that Dwane Paul Miller, 40, allegedly shot three victims several times before turning the gun on himself. Witnesses from nearby Autryville homeless encampment who talked with authorities described hearing a verbal altercation before the shooting.

From what we can gather from eyewitnesses acquainted with the group, the four of them had been sharing two tents at the homeless encampment for at least a few weeks, according to the sheriff’s office.

Carrie Nicole Trampel, 41, was one of the victims, and an initial police inquiry revealed that Miller and Trampel had a history of domestic violence that began at their prior location in a different state. The investigation did not identify the state.

Two additional people who lost their lives were Daniel Jay Wiltshire (44 years old) and Amber Rae King (43 years old). They hailed from North Carolina’s Autryville, respectively.

Whether any of the people involved were romantically linked is not known.

The public is not in danger, according to police, even if the inquiry is ongoing.

There was evidence at the site that points to the four of them having lived in tents at the campground for at least a few weeks, said Capt. Eric Pope.