Homeowner Finds Old Trove Of Baseball Cards Taped To Wall Of Home

(NewsGlobal.com)- If you’re a fan of baseball cards, you might want to check behind your walls. At least, that’s what we can take from the story of Melissa Brodt, who recently shared her story of discovering 1,600 baseball cards from the 1970s and 1980s on the inside of her home’s walls.

While renovating her property, Brodt discovered the huge collection of cards glued to one of the bedroom walls, and while there were not many valuable cards in the collection, they provided an interesting reflection of the past. Among the faces that could still clearly be seen on the cards were Whitey Herzog, Mike Schmidt, and George Brett.

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, she said that she and her family are not big baseball fans so at first they didn’t know what they were looking at.

“But lots of friends said, ‘oh I know that guy!’” she added.

After discovering the wall of cards, Brodt reached out to Chris Nelson, aged 44, who originally owned the building. He told her how he was “absolutely obsessed” with the sport back in the 1980s and decorated one of his walls with his entire card collection. But when it came time to redecorate, his parents nailed roof shingles over the cards to cover the wall.

Brodt hasn’t said what she plans to do with the wall, but did say that it was impossible to peel the cards away from the wall without tearing them. Nonetheless, she told CNN that she would “love for somebody to come in and take it if they think it’s useful.”