House Oversight Chair Lays Bold Accusation Against Biden

Representative James Comer from Kentucky, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has leveled a new accusation against President Joe Biden.

In an interview on the podcast “Verdict” hosted by Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Comer made a striking claim. He suggested, “Joe Biden has been granting our enemies access for years.”

He believes that Biden’s alleged actions predate his son, Hunter Biden. In response to Cruz’s inquiry about the basis of these allegations, Comer claimed his conclusions are supported by extensive research.

He explained, “After thoroughly studying Biden, he’s consistently faced financial challenges. He hasn’t been successful in the realm of investment. Yet, when you look at the wealth he’s amassed while earning a Senate salary, the maintenance of his assets is astonishing.”

Responding to Cruz’s comment about a classic Corvette not buying itself, Comer agreed, “Exactly.”

He added another layer to his argument: “We’ve discovered that foreign entities bought Hunter’s luxury items. That brings an entirely different component into the equation.”

Comer also posited that this alleged behavior was known to a former White House occupant. He said, “I believe that Obama became aware of these issues later. He didn’t endorse Biden’s presidential run.” From 2009 to 2017, Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

On Wednesday, Comer presented a summary of his investigation into the financial transactions of the Biden family. “The Bidens established over 20 shell corporations, most of which were set up while Biden was Vice President,” he claimed. “Bank statements indicate that the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received more than $10 million from foreign entities.”

Comer stated, “These convoluted financial deals appear to have been designed deliberately to obscure the source and total funds. No legitimate business operates in this manner.”

According to Comer, the nature of the Biden family’s enterprise was to sell only one product to prospective clients. “What were the Bidens selling? Merely influence and access. This influence peddling is a blatant case to enrich the Bidens personally. We must establish whether these transactions compromised Joe Biden and threatened our national security.”

Refuting arguments from the White House and Democrats, Comer said, “The opposing side would want Americans to think our investigation is built on five years of conspiracy theories. However, we have evidence, and our committee continues to uncover new information indicating the corruption within the first family.”

Concluding his remarks, Comer declared, “The Bidens have prioritized themselves over America.”