House Panel Calls On Biden To Stand Up To China

On Thursday, Republican members of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party wrote a letter to President Biden expressing their concerns. They advised him against making more concessions to Beijing during his impending meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Republicans say they are worried that the current emphasis on bilateral cooperation may lead to the reduction or elimination of ‘competitive’ or defensive measures.

During the APEC Leadership Summit, where the chiefs of state of participating Asia-Pacific countries will convene in San Francisco, Biden is expected to meet with Xi.
Some committee members voiced their disapproval of President Biden’s choice to contact the head of the United States’ most significant opponent. They stressed that the summit will cap the administration’s efforts to work with China and strengthen ties.

The bipartisan CCP special committee, chaired by Representative Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin), examines the rising frictions between the United States and China and proposes policies to mitigate the resulting competitive pressures.

Ten demands were included in a letter sent to Biden on Thursday from Republican members of the organization, including ending a significant program in the PRC’s forced-labor projects in Xinjiang, as well as the release of all US individuals wrongfully jailed in China, and ending near-collisions and dangerous intercepts involving American troops in the sea and air.

Beijing is also under pressure to stop harassing Philippine ships in the South China Sea and allow all US citizens who have been banned from leaving the country to leave immediately. Xi is also pressured to end military operations in Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone.

Congressmen from the Republican Party wrote that despite Washington’s repeated concessions, Beijing has done nothing to stop the flow of fentanyl into North America, nothing to increase market access in line with its trade commitments, nothing to reduce tensions in the Taiwan Strait or to stop its military provocations, and nothing to stop its campaign of espionage against the United States.

Many of these issues, they said, have only worsened, especially during the past year.

The Republicans have told Biden that next week is his last chance to change course before the presidential race in 12 months.