Hunter Biden Facing “Multiple” Felonies

The prosecutor’s office reportedly considers filing four criminal offenses against Hunter Biden.

This week, attorneys for Hunter met with prosecutors from the Department of Justice to discuss possible charges.

The crimes included two counts of misdemeanor failure to submit taxes. The third count is a felony for failing to pay taxes on a business expense. Hunter faces a fourth felony charge for allegedly making a false statement when he filled out a form to buy a pistol in 2018, stating that he was free of an addiction or abuse of any illegal substances.

It is known that Hunter bought the gun in 2018 while heavily using illegal drugs. There is photographic and video evidence of his drug addiction.

Trump appointee David Weiss directs the investigation against Hunter at the Department of Justice. 

Hunter has attracted a lot of partisan attention because he is low-hanging, high-visibility fruit that could have severe consequences for the Democratic president of the United States. But, there is also a lot of smoke surrounding overseas business deals that seemed to have leveraged the Biden name while giving a piece of the action to someone known as “the big guy.” The “big guy” is almost certainly Joe Biden.

House Oversight Committee investigator James Comer announced last week that he had uncovered “six additional members” of the Biden family who “may have benefited” from commercial activities involving the Bidens. The public has Comer’s word that he will keep looking into the business dealings to see if they are illegal or represent a “national security threat.”

Last week Comer teamed up with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to investigate the Biden family’s finances by combing through Treasury Department documents.

Thousands of pages of financial records related to the Biden family, their companies, and business schemes were made available to members of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.