Hunter Biden Tax Documents Show What We Didn’t Expect

IRS whistleblowers told Congress that Hunter Biden had deducted tens of thousands of dollars in payments to a prostitute and a sex club from his taxes.

In an appearance with the House Ways and Means Committee on June 1st, an IRS criminal investigator who is an anonymous whistleblower who worked on the Biden tax inquiry said that Biden had unlawfully deducted the expenditures from his 2018 taxes.

That is one of the years included in Biden’s plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

IRS criminal supervisory special agent Gary Shapley considered the deductions “a slam dunk” tax fraud case. The testimony of the whistleblowers explains how Biden managed to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

The whistleblower said that if the prostitutes involved had crossed state boundaries, the detailed payments to them and the sex clubs where they worked would have been illegal tax deductions as well as possible breaches of federal sex trafficking statutes. 

Biden paid for their travel and hotels, according to the IRS investigation.

An IRS agent who identifies as a Democrat claims that Biden owed $106,000 in back taxes after failing to declare $267,000 in income. Investigator: 

The investigator testified before Congress that Biden had deducted money for “no-show employees,” one of whom was a lady Biden referred to as his “West Coast assistant.”

The detective concluded she was a prostitute.

With the help of coded language, Biden sent $18,000 in wire transfers to a second lady. Another prepayment of $10,000 for a “golf club member” was out to be for a sex club membership.

The scandalized first son has acknowledged his regular usage of prostitutes and is known to be a regular at strip clubs; he had an affair with his late brother’s wife after his divorce. Shapley said to Congress that Biden paid for a membership to a sex club in Los Angeles, though she did not provide the establishment’s name. It was recently disclosed that Biden frequents the Los Angeles nightclub Snctm.