Hunter Biden’s Former Ally Could Be His Nail In Coffin

In testifying before the House Oversight Committee, Devon Archer, a friend and former business colleague of Hunter Biden, has the chance to become a hero, according to Representative James Comer. 

Archer is set to testify regarding a wide range of topics related to Hunter Biden’s business activities, including allegations that former Vice President Joe Biden participated in phone calls with Hunter Biden and potential foreign business partners. 

Comer claims that Archer has been “intimidated” by the Biden legal team, but he is hopeful that Archer saw what is happening to Hunter Biden. In the past, the Biden legal team has sent dog whistles to potential witnesses that cooperation with investigations is unnecessary because the Bidens are untouchables. When Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart deal” goes up in flames, that should get a witness’s attention.

The committee wants to hear from witnesses who can offer insight into how involved Joe Biden was in his family’s financial dealings. Comer says the president “knows about all of those things” despite repeatedly assuring the American people that he was unaware of his family’s international business correspondences.

Lawyer Jonathan Turley states that an assumption that Joe Biden was well aware of the purpose of these encounters is warranted. It simply defies believability that he boards a plane with his kid for China without ever inquiring, “By the way, where are you going in China?” 

Hunter dines with foreigners and puts his dad on the phone, but he doesn’t ask who they are or why they are having dinner together. Turley says, “It’s not very credible.”  He notes that emails mention the president getting a 10% cut of the action. Joe Biden is referred to as “The Big Guy.”

Turley says the president doesn’t have to receive any cash directly. A labyrinth of bank accounts funnel money in and out and about, but all lead to Biden family members. In Turley’s opinion, this will be one of the worst “corruption scandals in Washington history.” 

Comer said that he is uncertain if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan would initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden based on Archer’s testimony. He said that although he knows how he would vote on the issue, he does not have the final say.