Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Sent Harassing Threats By Text, Report Finds

( The “sugar brother” lawyer of Hunter Biden allegedly used deceptive practices, including sending threatening messages to a team looking into the First Son’s laptop and is now the target of a legal ethics complaint.

Reports show Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris sent texts to a right-wing transparency group (Marco Polo) member in which he called the man a “f***ing fool,” “f***nuts,” threatened to steal all of his money, reveal his address, and then stated several bizarre comments.

A Marco Polo investigator, who had been contacting the attorney while posing to be a potential ally for Hunter’s defense case, received the vulgar messages from Morris.

In May of this year, the investigator pulled Hunter Biden’s attorney into a discussion concerning the First Son’s laptop. A week later, the investigator disclosed his true identity, infuriating Morris.

According to reports, in the midst of a federal investigation into potential tax offenses by the president’s son, it was claimed that Hunter’s lawyer in Malibu, who earned a fortune representing the South Park founders, loaned him up to 2.8 million dollars to settle a pending IRS payment.

Despite being verified by several top cyber forensics specialists, including the creator of the FBI’s cyber forensics team, Morris has been waging a campaign to attempt to cast doubt on the data from his client’s abandoned laptop.

The Daily Mail reports that Morris jumped at the chance to gather evidence for his defense when he got a text on May 19 from “Jon Cooper” claiming to work with an OpSec [operations security] group who had been breaking down the laptop.

Hunter’s discredited former friend, Dr. Keith Ablow, who had one of Hunter’s computers at his office during a DEA raid, came up in conversation. Morris gave the impression of telling “Jon Cooper” that he was building evidence to prove that Ablow, a Republican and former frequent Fox News pundit, released a copy of Hunter’s laptop rather than the president’s son leaving it at a Delaware electronics shop.

Morris’ texts with Marco Polo are one of several embarrassing communications.
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