Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Just Rejected A Basic Request

( Hunter Biden, his uncle James Biden, and his friend Eric Schwerin received letters on Wednesday from House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Kentucky, threatening subpoenas if they didn’t give proof of their work overseas.

An attorney for President Joe Biden’s son refused to provide the documents that the Committee had demanded from Hunter Biden a day earlier.

Abbe David Lowell, an attorney for Hunter Biden, responded to Comer’s allegations on Thursday, claiming that the requested contact data would serve “no legislative purpose.”

House Republicans are conducting a multifaceted investigation of the administration, which most recently included an oversight hearing on the Hunter Biden laptop tale and the subpoenaing of many Biden employees by Chair Jim Jordan of the Judiciary Committee.

Comer has stated that the Biden family conducted business with the Chinese Communist Party “to profit themselves at the expense of American interests,” adding, “The American people demand openness and responsibility.”

He added that the three “are critical witnesses in our investigation of Joe Biden’s participation in his family’s foreign and domestic business enterprises.”

Comer said the Biden family business model is based on Joe Biden’s political career and contacts.

Hunter’s lawyer stated that the committee becomes “Wonderland,” and you become the Queen of Hearts yelling, “Sentence first, verdict later,” when you push your own unfounded and incorrect findings under the pretense of a “real investigation.”

That sounds an awful lot like the left’s political investigations of the last six years.

The committee’s claim that the probe would help with “drafting legislation to enhance ethical regulations surrounding public officials and their families” is a “thinly disguised, at best, effort to fabricate a legislative objective,” Lowell said.

An Oversight Committee representative disregarded Lowell’s letter and said that Hunter Biden’s legal team was “seeking to stonewall Congress’ oversight” and preserve Joe Biden’s image.

The spokesman said that political coverups are not what the American people want; they want “transparency and oversight.”