In-N-Out Raises Prices of Select Items Due to Minimum Wage Hike

The recent hike in the minimum wage for fast food workers has caused In-N-Out Burger to raise the cost of food at several of its California locations.

The business has begun increasing wages by $2.00 per hour for all employees.

In-N-Out President and Owner Lynsi Snyder stated that they only increase menu prices when it is necessary. She added that providing the most value to our consumers has been and will be our number one goal.

On April 1, the Fast Act was put into force, raising the beginning salary for fast food employees from $16 to $20 per hour. Companies like Chipotle and McDonald’s have announced plans to raise prices in response to wage hikes, saying they need to do so to keep expenses in line.

In Los Angeles County, the Double-Double combo is now priced at $11.44, up $0.76 over last year.

There have been many instances of price rises in San Francisco and Daly City.

According to Denny Warnick, chief operating officer of In-N-Out California, employees’ starting compensation is $22 to $23 per hour.

According to statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of fast food has risen dramatically in recent years. Pricing has increased 47% since 2014 and 4.8% since last year. When put into context, overall inflation has only increased by 24%.

Policymakers’ rate hikes in 2022 and 2023 were the most significant since the 1980s. This move was intended to calm consumers’ fears about price increases by slowing the rate of economic growth. Fed policymakers are currently discussing the timeliness of monetary policy adjustments. Assuming inflation stays put, they are not likely to do so.

The poll found that between 2014 and 2024, the price of a medium Big Mac increased dramatically, going from $5.69 to $9.72. There has been a notable rise of about 70%, as seen above. In Houston, a medium Big Mac costs $7.89, whereas in Seattle, Using poll data gathered by a team of reporters in 18 areas throughout the country, it costs $15.