Insiders Drops Serious Questions About Trump’s Health

According to Donald Trump’s biographer, the former president’s deteriorating cognitive abilities are directly related to his advanced age.

Journalist and TrumpNation author Tim O’Brien said in 2005 that he had observed Trump’s lack of “cognitively together” mental state before the book’s release.

(O’Brien was an advisor to Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign and is well-known as a Trump critic with Democratic leanings.)

In response to Trump’s claim that his mental health is better than before, the former New York Times journalist, O’Brien, was speaking at a campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

O’Brien claimed in his book that the 45th president was worth $150–$250 million, which led to a court battle between Trump and the author. A judge dismissed Trump’s 2009 lawsuit in which he claimed to be a billionaire.

Numerous reports have surfaced regarding Trump’s alleged “cognitive decline,” but no evidence has been shown to support these assertions. Political figures and anti-Trump social media accounts have cast doubt on the health and capacities of President Joe Biden (81) and Donald Trump (77).

Trump has maintained his health status, and in November, he released what he claimed was a report from his doctor. His evaluation characterized his mental health as exceptional.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who had previously worked for Trump as director of strategic communications, stated on CNN’s State of the Union in December that Trump was slowing down.

Since she resigned from Trump’s White House in December 2020, Griffin has been vocal in criticizing the president.

Publicly discussing his dramatic weight reduction, former President Trump claims to have shed roughly 20 pounds throughout his campaign.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Trump boasted of being in “fighting shape” after losing fifteen to twenty pounds since the campaign started.

Speculation has been swirling that Trump, whose penchant for fast food is well-documented, is utilizing weight-loss medications like Ozempic or Wegovy due to his noticeably slimmer appearance in recent months.

According to Dr. Carolyn Williams, a registered dietitian in Alabama, Trump has shed weight, particularly unhealthy fat.

How and why is less important than what he did.