Interrupted Comedian Gets The Last Laugh

After a clip of comedian Chrissie Mayr making jokes about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney went viral on social media last week, Mayr defended her stand-up material, telling Fox News that “comedy clubs are one of the last few places of freedom.”

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Mayr discussed the viral clip from earlier this month in which some audience members got upset with her joke about Mulvaney. She also criticized the transgender movement which she described as the “protected class du jour.”

During the routine, Mayr called Mulvaney a man, prompting a woman in the audience to yell, “No! She’s a woman.”

When Mayr continued making LGBT jokes, a group of angry women accused her of being a transphobe and walked out. Mayr told Fox News that the women knocked over the table with her merchandise on their way out of the club.

She told Fox News that the women heckling her show are “easily offended” and “live in a bubble” in which they are never challenged. She added that sometimes they don’t realize that they are until they go to a comedy show.

She said nobody in their lives ever challenges them, not their friends or family and not their work or schools. Saying the women lack self-awareness, Mayr told Fox that they are “so used to their feelings being validated everywhere they go” and having their reality “reflected back” at them. 

Mayr told Fox News that stand-up comedy is “the rawest form of entertainment” and “human interaction.” She said people should be able to laugh at things in a comedy club that could get them into trouble at work because comedy clubs are one of the few places “where you can be yourself and let loose.”

In discussing the transgender movement, Mayr told Fox that trans people “feel very entitled.” She said the reason that clip went viral was the joke poked at the idea that anyone who joins a victim group can never be joked about or criticized. She added that being able to joke about everyone is “true equality.”