Is Hunter Biden A Secret “Foreign Agent” Now?

( 19FortyFive reports that the Chinese government issued a statement last week condemning the use of nuclear weapons and calling for a “comprehensive truce” in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  

China is contemplating deploying artillery and drones to backfill Russian supply, according to a warning sent by the Biden administration.  

The war has reached a new, crucial phase with the increased likelihood of Chinese engagement, and there is mounting indication that Western leaders grasp the risks for Ukraine and want to prevent a crippling eternal war. China has publicly signaled that it would prefer an early conclusion to the conflict and would not allow the Russian position to collapse, which the West should regard as a warning.  

It is unknown how active China would be in any negotiation process, but equipping Moscow with military capability may effectively negate the help being delivered by Ukraine’s allies. 

The United States and its allies find it more costly to outlast Russia’s never-ending onslaught. A Wall Street Journal article published shortly after President Joe Biden’s unexpected trip to Kyiv said that some NATO countries were pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to pursue peace negotiations with Moscow.  

Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that U.S. officials are urging Ukrainian leaders to confront a vital moment to “influence the direction of the conflict.” Ukrainian rates of fire in the field are just too high for Western manufacturing levels of crucial weapons like Javelin anti-armor missiles and 155 mm howitzer rounds to keep up with.  

In addition, the fighting’s tempo and ferocity are taking a significant toll on Ukrainian resources and personnel.  

Instead of wasting resources on a costly spring attack against entrenched Russian soldiers, Ukraine’s allies should urge Kyiv to solidify its advantages now. A prolonged conflict in Ukraine poses many dangers counterproductive to US interests and might hinder attempts to end the fighting.