Israel Surrounds Hamas In Northern Gaza

Israeli troops are encircling Hamas’s final two strongholds in northern Gaza and have killed local leaders, bringing the group to the brink of collapse. Following widespread surrenders in the region, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that the Israeli Defense Forces are “on the approach of demolishing” the last remaining Palestinian terror outposts in Shejaiya and Jabalya. The leader of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion, Emad Krikae, was thought to have been involved in military training in Gaza City and the raids that Israel was targeted by on October 7th, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Krikae’s death has been verified.

In addition to seizing 500 terrorists affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the last thirty days, the Israeli Defense Forces claimed to have killed half of the estimated twenty-four battalion commanders of Hamas. Following the failure of the interim ceasefire deal a little over one week ago, around 140 of the men were apprehended. Since then, the terrorists’ whereabouts have been handed to Unit 504 and the Israeli Security Agency for further interrogation.

One of the biggest refugee camps in northern Gaza is located in Jabalya, and the fighting there continues to cause a great deal of fear. The Ministry of Health, which Hamas manages, has recorded scores of casualties at the camp in the last several days. Israel is also dealing with fighting near its northern border with Lebanon, where it exchanged missile fire with Hezbollah terrorists on Monday, in addition to the ongoing war in both the north and southern Gaza Strip.

With 700 people using one toilet and some resorting to burning plastic for heat, the United Nations has reached a “breaking point” in Gaza. Employees are taking their children to work because they believe it will keep them safe or because they are willing to die together, and UN agencies are hardly functioning.” Civil order has crumbled, and Gaza society is “on the edge of full-blown disintegration.”

Of the fifteen-member council, thirteen nations supported the resolution asking for a ceasefire; the United Kingdom abstained. However, the United States vetoed the resolution.