Israeli Government Was Warned How They Could Talk About Vaccines

( According to a video recording of the meeting that was released, an expert engaged by the Israeli government to assist with the analysis of COVID-19 vaccine adverse event reports advised officials to carefully disclose the data to the public due to potential legal issues.

According to the video, the expert, Dr. Mati Berkovitch, claimed that the phenomena of rechallenge discovered by the team changed causal relationships between the occurrences and Pfizer’s vaccine “from plausible to definitive.”

Rechallenge refers to the finding that an adverse reaction gets worse or recurs after receiving more vaccination doses. When a vaccination is implicated in an adverse event, it is said to be causal.

The rechallenge means that “we will also have to think medicolegally,” according to Berkovitch. Given the number of occurrences, we advised people to get immunized despite the fact that the phenomenon existed and there was a report of it.

In order to prevent subsequent litigation, he said they would have to think about how to write it and how to portray it right.

Berkovitch performed as a person who had a bad reaction to a vaccine.

“Wait, wait, wait, you said that everything will be okay in the end and that you need to get a shot.” “Now look what happened to me.”

“The phenomenon continues. We need to think about the medicolegal aspect before we move forward, Emilia,” he warned.

During that meeting in June, Berkovitch was addressing Dr. Emilia Anis, a senior representative of Israel’s Ministry of Health (MoH).


After the outdated safety monitoring system was discovered to be faulty in part because submitters were not compelled to reveal their names or other information, Berkovitch’s team was tasked with assessing reports sent to it, according to Israeli officials. In December 2021, the new system—which requests specific information like names—went online.

An analysis of reports submitted through May 2022 was discussed at the conference.

Israel’s Ministry of Health (MoH) recently released a report on the controversial COVID-19 vaccination, which was discussed behind closed doors in May. Key debate topics were left out of the report, including the identification of some side effects’ causal relationships.

Israeli researchers believe that the requirement to prove a scientific causal relationship between vaccines and harm impedes those who experience adverse side effects.