Israel’s Prime Minister Might Use “Treason” Charges

( Israel’s new nationalistic government’s MK in the Knesset has demanded the arrest of anti-Israel leftist lawmakers for “treason” because they are “talking about civil war.”

“A large-scale civil revolt” was called for by a far-left former MK. Benjamin Netanyahu, the newly re-elected prime minister, called for calming public discourse.

Jewish Strength (Otzma Yehudit) party MK Tzvika Fogel demanded yesterday that opposition MKs Yair Lapid, Benny Gantz, Yair Golan, and Moshe Ya’alon be detained for “treason.” “These four must be taken into custody. They are currently the most dangerous individuals on the planet,” said Fogel on Tuesday night.

According to Fogel, they are not discussing flags, flag protests, or anything else. They are currently advocating for war and discussing civil war. “This is treason against the state and grounds for incarceration,” he declared.

The statement was labeled “unfortunate” and “I fully refute it,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a press conference alongside Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. In addition, Netanyahu urged the opposition to stop attacking Justice Minister Yariv Levin in an extreme manner. Levin wants to discredit the leftist Supreme Court, which has assumed authority over the other government institutions.

Netanyahu urged both parties to temper their language. “I want to soothe the public conversation. The fundamental feature of democracy is that elections, like the one we are holding today, and votes in the Knesset or Parliament determine the outcome of debates like the one we are having.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, former MK Yair Golan of the left-leaning Meretz Party called for “rebellion” and “stopping roadways.”

“My friends, there is only one strategy that can be employed to overthrow this horrible dictatorship, and that is a widespread popular uprising.”

Golan described Netanyahu’s administration as “malicious and cruel,” adding that the only way to oppose it was through “a large-scale civil rebellion.”

The Soros-funded Incoming Israel Fund has claimed responsibility for the far-left street demonstrations against the new administration.