It Costs $15k To Get A Picture With Donald Trump Before A Rally

( Ahead of his massive campaign rally in Wyoming for Liz Cheney’s primary challenger Harriet Hageman on Saturday, former President Trump participated in a pre-rally reception to raise money for Hageman’s campaign.

Donors could pay $500 to get a VIP ticket to Saturday’s fundraiser that also included expedited entry into the evening’s rally. For $1000, donors received two tickets to the fundraiser and expedited entry.

To raise the big bucks for Hageman’s campaign, donors could get a chance to pose for a photo with former President Trump by donating $15,000.

Now, Liz Cheney has raked in over $10 million for her reelection campaign while Hageman has only raised about $2 million. So making the most of Trump’s visit to Wyoming to raise money for Hageman makes a great deal of sense.

At least this fundraiser is happening in Wyoming.

The vast majority of the money in Cheney’s massive war chest has come from donors outside of the state she supposedly represents.

On the same day turncoat Cheney formally announced her reelection bid last week, a new poll was released showing that Liz is trailing Hageman by 30 points among Republican voters.

A survey conducted by Club for Growth found that 56 percent of Wyoming Republican voters back Hageman in the primary while only 26 percent back Cheney. Another 12 percent support State Senator Anthony Bouchard while only 6 percent remain undecided.

Cheney’s only hope in defeating Hageman is if non-Republicans turn up on August 16 and vote for her.

Wyoming permits voters to switch party affiliation at the polls. In short, registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters could turn up on election day, switch to Republican and vote for Cheney.

Republicans far outnumber Democrats in this solidly red state. But the majority of independents in Wyoming will register Republican to vote in the primaries. So it is likely that Cheney will focus on them to help turn the tide.

Whether it works out in her favor, however, remains to be seen.