Jen Psaki Dismisses Republicans Who Interrupted SOTU

( On Wednesday, press secretary Jen Psaki said she didn’t want to talk about the Republican Congresswomen who heckled President Biden during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Psaki was asked by host Jonathan Lemire if she wanted to comment on Congresswoman Lauren Boebert heckling Biden as he was “speaking about his late son Beau.”

Pretending to be unbothered by the heckling, Psaki said she didn’t really want to respond.

Then she responded anyway.

She said she was watching the speech on TV with her team and they were all cheering and excited because Biden was talking about his “unity agenda” and about the “priorities that we should all be able to agree on.” She said heckling while Biden was talking about opioid overdoses and curing cancer “says a lot more about them.”

She said the “vast majority” of the people in the chamber watching the President’s speech “could work together to solve exactly those problems.”

Frankly, the fact that Psaki and her team were cheering anything called a “unity agenda” from this President says a lot more about Psaki and her team.

For a year, this White House has divided Americans by vaccination status. It has divided Americans by skin color. It has attacked its political opposition as “domestic terrorists” and “segregationists.” It has targeted parents speaking out at school board meetings, sending the FBI to investigate them.

Does Psaki really believe that floating some laughable “unity agenda” during the State of the Union speech will somehow erase a full year of divisive action and rhetoric from this administration?