Jen Psaki Says Replacing Biden at DNC Could Be Risky 

On June 27th, the first presidential debate of the upcoming 2024 cycle was held. This is the earliest a presidential debate has ever occurred. The former 45th President Donald Trump squared off against Joe Biden. Millions of people tuned in, and the debate was a disaster for Democrats. Biden appeared impaired at times and struggled to deliver serious answers to questions, often responding in an incoherent fashion. After the debate, Biden definitely took a hit in the polls and in terms of public perception. 72% of respondents now stated in a recent CBS report that they do not believe the president is capable of handling the job of the presidency. 

Trump attempted to use key issues as a way to attack Biden and his job performance. 

One issue Republicans are in a prime position to capitalize on is the crisis at the southern border. Tens of thousands of migrants continue to enter the country every day. Recently, border traffickers admitted to using the porous border to smuggle in humans and operate a trafficking operation. Technology has aided this catastrophic crisis. The New York Post also recently claimed that by the fall of 2024, the federal migration backlog will surpass eight million individuals. This is a staggering 167% increase since the calendar year of 2019. Ultimately, Trump was successful in homing in on this issue at the debate, and he routinely brought up the crisis at the border to slam Biden. Biden did not appear to have a coherent counter response. 

Many Democrats have now openly begun to display worrisome behaviors following the debacle on the debate stage for the president. The former press secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, recently commented that while many Democrats are calling for a replacement candidate to emerge and that Biden should step down from the presidency, that doing so at the party’s national convention in late August would be a risky political move.