Jen Psaki Tried To Ignore From Important Question From Fox Journalist

( After President Biden announced that the US would bar imports of Russian gas and oil, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy repeatedly tried to get a straight answer out of press secretary Jen Psaki on whether the president would consider revoking his order shutting down the Keystone Pipeline.

Doocy, noting that the administration has frequently said that all options were on the table to keep Americans from suffering at the pump, tried three times to get a yes or no response from Psaki on whether one of those options included reopening the Keystone Pipeline.

First, Doocy asked if restarting the Keystone pipeline construction was “completely off the table” so long as Biden is president.

Rather than give a yes or no answer, Psaki wanted Doocy to tell her how he thought restarting Keystone would help address the problem.

Doocy asked again if restarting Keystone was an option.

Rather than say yes or no, Psaki claimed that restarting construction on the Keystone XL pipeline would not “solve any of the problems” the country is “currently facing” which Psaki said was the need for more oil production.

This is the White House’s go-to response. The Keystone Pipeline is still years away from completion, therefore it wouldn’t help.

But that’s nonsense. It would absolutely help with the price of oil. The market determines the price per barrel, not just based on what is currently happening, but also on forecasts. Reopening US energy production, even if it wouldn’t have immediate effects, would affect market forecasts.

If the Biden administration announced today that it was revoking every executive order it imposed to strangle domestic oil and gas production, the markets would respond favorably and the price of oil would immediately go down.

But they aren’t willing to do it because they are more committed to forcing a “transition” to so-called “green energy” than they are to making the US once again energy independent.

According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released on Sunday, 70 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of gas prices.