Jimmy Fallon Says Biden’s Staffers Want To COVID Isolate Him Until 2025

(NewsGlobal.com)- The late-night comedians who previously actively supported him have since turned against President Joe Biden. In the most recent breach, Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s Tonight Show, quipped that White House staffers want to keep the president in COVID isolation until 2025 because they are embarrassed by him.

According to reports, Jimmy Fallon made the joke at the beginning of his show in response to the news that Biden is recuperating from COVID-19.

The comedian said President Biden had been isolated with COVID for the past five days, and today his doctor indicated that his symptoms are almost entirely cured. Fallon remarked that just to be cautious, Biden’s aides suggested they keep him secluded until 2025.

Additionally, Fallon made fun of Biden’s embarrassing string of slips and trips as he ascended a staircase to enter Air Force One in 2021.

Fallon persisted in skewering Biden, emphasizing the steady stream of negative news the current government had brought the nation.

Breitbart News noted that when the comedian interviewed the president on his show a few months ago, Jimmy Fallon was a considerably larger supporter of Joe Biden. Fallon raved about Biden, telling him that by attending Kennedy Center events and mixing with the political and cultural elite, he is “bringing class back.”

Biden has come under fire from late-night comedy shows as his popularity continues to decline. On ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, drag queen RuPaul, who was standing in for Jimmy Kimmel, mocked the president for catching COVID-19. He said the last time Biden was this ill was when “he got scurvy on Noah’s Ark.”

James Corden, the host of CBS’s The Late Late Show, visited the White House earlier this month. On his show, he refused to remark that the U.S. economy is “strong” when instructed to say so by the network.

After Biden lost his cool with a CNN reporter, Stephen Colbert, the left-leaning host of CBS’ The Late Show and a previous ardent supporter of Biden, mocked the president by calling him “grandpa.”