JK Rowling Takes Bold Stand Against Trans Women

In a series of new anti-trans statements on X this week, J.K. Rowling, the author who created one of the most successful anthology series of books, Harry Potter, said she would instead do a few years in jail than refer transgender women as real women.

Rowling is known for not pulling punches on an issue most people recoil from— transgenderism. In certain circles, Rowling’s name is synonymous with the term “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist),

On Tuesday, she began her most recent rants by posting a photograph with the caption, “Repeat after us: Trans women are women,” to which she replied, “No.”

A bit of back-and-forth ensued in the replies on X (previously known as Twitter) as one commentator stepped in, perhaps referencing the U.K. Labour Party’s intention to strengthen transgender protections in laws combating hate crimes. They “yelled,” “Vote Labour, get two years!”

Rowling responded that she would happily do prison time if the alternative is enforced speech, as well as being forced to deny the importance and reality of sex.

She said bringing the litigation would be more fun than any time she’s had red-carpet events.

Having fun with someone who joked, “See you on the inside. Hoping for the library, certainly, but I think I could do alright in the kitchens,” Rowling elaborated, indicating that her talent as a writer lies more in fantasy than comedy.

She said one potential issue is laundry. She has a bad habit of accidently shrinking things or turning them pink, but she doesn’t think it will be too much of a problem here as we’ll be dealing mainly with scrubs and sheets.

From there, other commenters began to yuck it up with the author about treating transwomen like second-class citizens, but one commentator stuck out as having some sense, whether they intended to or not, writing that those prisons are going to be more significant to have all those hills we’re dying on.