Joe And Jill Embarrass Themselves In Front Of French Royalty

( At the NATO summit dinner held at the Royal Palace in Madrid on Tuesday, King Felipe VI of Spain and Queen Letizia of Spain received Joe and Jill Biden.

Jill Biden attended the event in a dated hairstyle that was unkempt and wore a white pantsuit with open-toed shoes.

On the other hand, Queen Letizia looked stunning in a black dress with her hair tied back into a stylish bun.

As they approached King Felipe and Queen Letizia, Joe and Jill Biden held hands while blurting out odd comments incoherently. One wonders if Joe thought he was meeting Queen Latifah.

Jill Biden made a manly gesture toward King Felipe by extending her hand to shake, giving it a firm grip.

Because the situation was so odd, King Felipe was caught by surprise and taken aback.

It was clear that Joe Biden was smitten with Queen Letizia, so he made a point of touching her at every available opportunity; he just couldn’t stop himself, unable to resist the urge to put his paws all over her.

The Bidens are classless.

You may remember that Jill Biden performed poorly in a similar episode when she appeared at a meeting with Queen Elizabeth in her bare legs while sporting a band-aid.

It’s not polite to look like no effort is being made on your behalf. “Doctor” Jill should know that.

During a spectacular supper at the royal palace in Madrid on Tuesday night, President Joe Biden and Spanish King Felipe VI made jokes. At the same time, Jill Biden revealed she was concerned their costumes might clash with Queen Letizia’s.

As the royals welcomed them to the largest royal palace in use in Europe, Biden cracked one of his go-to jokes.

“We both married much above our positions.” The president frequently makes this joke, which is neither charming nor funny.

Joe Biden joked with Spain’s King Felipe and said he might not go back to America amid record-low poll numbers. Meanwhile, Jill confided with the  Queen that she was worried they would both clash in white at the Madrid gala.


The Queen wore black.


And Jill is Joe’s nursemaid.