Joe Biden Caught Telling Fake Story Again

( Move over, Corn Pop. Big Mama’s rolling in.

On Monday, President Joe Biden praised American truckers for their contributions to America’s economy and outlined his administration’s plans to help the trucking industry. And during his remarks, old Grandpa Joe went off on one of his flights of fancy, recounting the time he drove a big rig to Ohio fifty years ago where he encountered the only woman truck driver he ever knew, Big Mama.

Now, Joe has frequently repeated the lie that he once drove a tractor-trailer. His true biography and his fictional one have gotten so scrambled in that soup he calls a brain, it’s likely he can’t discern fact from fiction anymore.

Biden recounted how, as a young senator, he decided to ride along with a trucker who delivered steel for a company out of Ohio to find out what was going on with a trucker strike in the state. He claimed that he was the one behind the wheel as the truck arrived in Shiloh, Ohio.

While it is true that Joe Biden did take a trip to Ohio with a trucker in 1973, there are no newspaper reports from the time that indicate Biden ever spent any time behind the wheel during the trip.

Even the Biden-protecting “fact-checkers” at PolitiFact rated Biden’s “I once drove a truck” claim as False.

But this is the same guy who has repeatedly claimed he was a college professor who taught classes at the University of Pennsylvania.

While Joe did receive the honorary title “The Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” from U-Penn in 2017, it was a symbolic role, not a practical one. Joe Biden never entered a classroom and he never taught a single class.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Joe Biden thinks riding in the passenger seat of a tractor-trailer equals being a truck driver.

If you left Joe Biden in a garage, he’d probably think he’s a Corvette.

On Monday, Biden embellished the truck-driving story even further, claiming he and his truck-driving buddy were blocked from entering Shiloh by a woman trucker whose CB handle was “Big Mama.”

“Swear to God,” Biden added. “True story.”

Spoiler alert: It’s probably not a true story.