Joe Biden Had Hunter Biden At July 4th Event Despite His Scandals

( Every time Hunter is in the news for yet another scandal, the White House trots him out for another public event.

On Monday, Hunter took the trip aboard Marine One from Camp David to Washington DC with his father the president so he could join the White House’s Fourth of July event.

Hunter was last seen at the White House during the White House Easter Egg Hunt in mid-April.

It isn’t clear how often Hunter meets up with his father since the White House refuses to release visitor logs for when old Joe is at one of his two Delaware homes or Camp David. But since Hunter traveled with his dad from Camp David to the White House, obviously, Hunter was there last weekend.

On Tuesday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy tried to wrangle answers from press secretary Karine Jean Pierre about recent revelations discovered on the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Jean-Pierre refused to comment:

When Real Clear News White House reporter Philip Wegmann followed up on Doocy’s line of question, Jean-Pierre admitted she cannot comment on Hunter’s laptop:

Then, big surprise, on Thursday, Hunter showed up at the White House again, this time to attend the White House Medal of Freedom ceremony.

Hunter, who attended the ceremony with his wife Melissa Cohen, became the unofficial greeter for attendees since he was seated prominently in the front row: