Joe Biden Struggles While Cameras Were Rolling

( No worries, It’s just another public humiliation by our joke of a President.

On Tuesday, Joe and Jill Biden arrived at a dinner at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain. It was also attended by the Heads of State who were invited to the formal NATO summit program.

Biden must have been without his notecards because he appeared old, flustered, and completely confused at the dinner.

When he entered the dinner event, Biden was seemingly lost. He had no idea where to stand or go because no one was paying attention to him.

The whereabouts of Nurse Jill are unknown.

Joe Biden’s trip to Europe this week has been a complete failure.

G7 leaders know that Biden’s mental abilities are no longer functioning, and they responded appropriately.

When Nurse Jill wasn’t available in Germany, Macron became Biden’s babysitter and lectured him like he was our President’s babysitter.

This never happened to Trump. He was always the most robust in the room, commanding a dominating physical and mental posture.

Conservatives are wondering if they will be able to win the presidential election in 2024 by implementing the successful Trump agenda but not nominating the divisive former president Donald Trump to be the implementer.

With President Joe Biden serving as their candidate for the Democratic Party in 2024, the Democrats face a predicament comparable to the one described above but even more severe.

Biden’s policy has been a disaster. The presidency has been a complete and total failure, in stark contrast to the first four years of the Trump administration. No program can compensate for Mr. Biden’s liabilities and unpopularity, and there never will be.

The problems associated with Mr. Biden go beyond his physical ailments, his old age, and the apparent exponential pace of mental degeneration he is experiencing.

Those on the left are suddenly concerned about Joe Biden’s lousy poll numbers and even worse record, as well as the harm he is causing to the Democratic Party due to his actions.

In such a losing political environment, Democrats will soon find no more need to cover up Mr. Biden’s “Trump-like” repeated awful personal behavior. The left is looking to cut loose this millstone. He is one hair-sniff of a little girl from being ousted.