Joe Biden Suggests He’s The 2024 Frontrunner Over Trump, Based On Polls

( President Joe Biden showed interest in some of the most recent polling data noting his popularity ratings slightly rebounding after hitting historic lows this summer.

According to reports, Biden addressed supporters at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) event in Maryland. He said It didn’t mean anything to display new polls showing him beating Trump by six or eight points.

Biden most likely alluded to a Wall Street Journal survey released last week, which showed Biden leading former President Donald Trump by six points in a hypothetical rematch. In the poll, 55% of registered voters indicated they would probably vote for Biden, while 44% said they would vote for Trump.

Biden stated that Democrats needed to do well in the midterm elections to help combat the growth of Trump’s “extreme MAGA Republicans.”
But in the meantime, reports show Democrats don’t want Biden anywhere near them.

Perhaps, Biden is too “extreme”?
Reports show the Democratic Party’s secret belief that President Joe Biden should keep quiet has turned public.
It is evident that many Democrat candidates, particularly those in tight congressional races, would rather the gaffe-prone 79-year-old keep mute on various issues.
In an awkward situation last spring, Jake Sullivan cleared up the president’s questionable remarks about responding “in kind” to Russia’s possible use of chemical weapons. The national security advisor soon reiterated that the United States has no intention of utilizing chemical weapons under any circumstances.
According to recent reports, as Democratic candidates campaign for the November elections, a significant proportion of those in tight races do not trust the president with any public appearances.
Far-left media reports show Joe Biden goes mostly nameless on Democratic campaign websites and Twitter accounts. And candidates in crucial swing states are either not inviting President Biden or aggressively avoiding him when he does visit. Few candidates stated they wanted Biden to campaign in their state or district.
Some Democrat candidates even fear mentioning Biden’s name.