Joe Rogan Calls Out ‘Protected Class’ Status Of Transgender People

( During a recent podcast, Joe Rogan said people are being forced to treat transgenders as members of a protected class.

During the December 21 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan brought up a recent news report he read about a “woman” who brutally raped and murdered another woman. But the rapist and murderer wasn’t a woman at all but a “trans woman.” He noted how everyone is still expected to call the rapist/murderer a woman.

He said while he supported the idea that people should be able to express themselves in whatever way they want, Rogan said he thought it was “bananas” that everyone else has to refer to a man as a woman.

“Like what kind of game are we playing?” Rogan asked.

It is likely Rogan was referring to transgender death row inmate Amber McLaughlin who recently asked Missouri Governor Mike Pearson to commute his death sentence. McLaughlin was convicted on November 20 of murdering Beverly Guenther when he still identified as a man.

Rogan also brought up another recent case in which a transgender woman was sent to a women’s prison after murdering his mother, and then went on to rape and impregnate two female inmates.

Rogan played a clip from a comedian who joked that he supported trans women in women’s sports so long as he could make bets.

After playing the clip, Rogan said some people would probably call that joke “transphobic.” He said our culture has put trans people into a “protected class,” adding that even if they murder or rape someone, you aren’t permitted to criticize them, and “you still have to call them a woman.”

Rogan joked that even if they committed the crimes while still identifying as a man, “you still have to call them a woman.” He said it is rare for a woman to rape another woman, jokingly adding, “is it also rare for a woman to have a d*ck?”

“What the f*ck are we doing?” Rogan asked.