Joe Rogan Says 2020 Election Was “Rigged”

Recently, a video of Joe Rogan claiming that the media had “rigged” the 2020 election went viral.  A social media user posted a clip of Rogan’s most recent show with Tom Segura, in which he made the comment. 

Rogan said that, for the argument, assume that the election wasn’t tainted by fraud.  Even if you assume it was fair, the media fixed the outcome.  

According to Rogan, the major political trickery and propaganda that may have swayed the American people to support President Joe Biden instead of handing former President Donald Trump another term were the Hunter Biden laptop cover-ups and phony Russian connection claims.

Rogan also mentioned Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. He appeared on Rogan’s program and said he was instructed to remove any references to the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Rogan said that it is manipulation in many respects. It’s the manipulation of public opinion. Rogan added that Fox News was the sole major news network that didn’t promote the DOJ’s hoax of Trump’s phony ties with Russia.

Rogan said that Trump wasn’t completely off base with his accusations. A wise man said it is simpler to deceive people than convince them they’ve been deceived. And they tricked a lot of folks in 2020.

According to polling experts, former President Donald Trump is still on top in the early primary season as he makes history by running for president for a third time.

Since the leader in the Republican primaries is a former President with a huge polling lead, the former vice president is in the race, and Trump has already been indicted twice by federal authorities, this election cycle is unlike any other in recent memory. Experts in polling said it was tough to make parallels between the current and prior GOP primary cycles, citing the unique circumstances.

According to FiveThirtyEight, despite a large field of Republican presidential candidates, Trump holds a commanding lead in early primary state surveys. 

Based on surveys taken between June 10 and June 26, the RealClearPolitics (RCP) trend for the 2024 Republican primary shows Trump over 30 points over the rest of the GOP field.