John Fetterman’s Governor Says He Won’t Be Asked To Resign 

( A week after feeling faint during a Democratic Senate retreat earlier this month, rookie senator Fetterman admitted himself to inpatient treatment for severe clinical depression, effectively sidelining him from his responsibilities for many weeks.  

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro expressed confidence that his state’s junior senator, John Fetterman, will completely recover from his recent mental health issues. 

Shapiro, also sworn in for his first term last month, expressed confidence that Fetterman will “come back stronger than ever” after undergoing therapy. 

In May 2022, less than a week before the Democratic primary for the vacant Senate seat in Pennsylvania, Fetterman, a former lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and mayor of the Rust Belt town of Braddock, was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. The official’s cardiologist, Ramesh Chandra, said that so long as Fetterman takes his medicine, eats healthily, and remains active, he should be able to run for office and serve the commonwealth. 

If Fetterman resigns, Shapiro may select a substitute until a permanent replacement can be found. There has been no pressure from prominent Pennsylvania Democrats for him to call for the lawmaker’s resignation. Shapiro has indicated that he would immediately disregard any such pressure. The former Pennsylvania attorney general said that Fetterman’s openness about his struggles with mental health had inspired him. 

Questions regarding Fetterman’s cognitive abilities were a central feature of the Republican primary between him and his defeated opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Fetterman’s stump speeches throughout the summer and autumn were marked by stuttering, slurring, and a general inability to organize his thoughts. 

After interviewing Fetterman, who used a computer screen and closed captioning system during the talk, NBC News reporter Dasha Burns was criticized heavily for being one of the few members of the traditional media to write honestly about the health risks. Gisele Fetterman said that Burns was “ableist” for mentioning that her husband had not given an update on his rehabilitation. 

Now, here we are. The Senator has, as many anticipated, deteriorated.