Judge Explodes at Trump Witness Over His Behavior at Trial

Juan Merchan, the Judge overseeing Donald Trump’s “hush money” case in Manhattan, cleared the courtroom in rage at the behavior of witness Robert Costello. Mr. Costello was called to testify for the defense and was visibly angered by the high number of prosecution objections that Judge Merchan sustained. Costello reportedly muttered the words “jeez” and “ridiculous” in response to the Judge’s actions.

Further reports indicate that Costello even blew “raspberries” in the courtroom as his testimony continued, and Merchan persistently granted prosecution objections. The Judge eventually reprimanded the witness and warned him not to roll his eyes before ordering, “Clear the courtroom, please!”

Robert Costello was an advisor to Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, who was convicted as part of the “hush money” scandal and spent two and a half years in prison. Cohen testified that Trump organized for adult actress Stormy Daniels to receive payment in exchange for her silence about a sexual encounter with Mr. Trump. Cohen stated that Trump’s purpose in paying the actress was to influence the 2016 elections – a federal crime. Mr. Costello took to the witness stand in Manhattan on May 20 and said Cohen had lied and Donald Trump knew nothing about the payments to Stormy Daniels.

The witness told the court that he met with Michael Cohen in April 2018 after the FBI had raided Mr. Cohen’s property. Costello said Cohen was panicked and scared of going to jail, so he asked Costello how he could get out of it. Mr. Costello advised that prosecutors would not be interested in pursuing Cohen if he gave them damaging information about Donald Trump.

Costello further testified that Cohen told him, “I swear to god, Bob, I don’t have anything on Donald Trump.”

Prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz, who had been in court for some of the trial, said Judge Merchan’s outburst at Mr. Costello indicated his bias against the former President. He accused Merchan of losing “his cool” and demonstrating his disdain for Mr. Trump.