Judge Napolitano Says Fox News Just Lost “Babe Ruth”

According to a report, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained to Newsmax that with the retirement of Tucker Carlson, Fox News has effectively lost Babe Ruth.

Napolitano remarked on an episode of Newsmax’s new program “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” that he was surprised as the announcement came out regarding Tucker Carlson’s departure. He said it was like the 1927 New York Yankees benching Babe Ruth for being a distraction at the dinner table.  

Napolitano noted that in response, stockholders cut the company’s nearly a billion dollars in less than a day.

Reports showed a 5% drop in Fox Corporation shares (FOX) after the announcement of Carlson’s departure, wiping off $930 million in its market value.

Napolitano said he couldn’t understand why Fox would abandon its conservative media niche. Maybe there’s more going on. Maybe there are additional details about Tucker’s connection to management that are going to come out.

Just the News reports that following his departure from Fox News, Tucker Carlson produced a video days later discussing the media’s coverage of significant subjects.

It was stated last week that last Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” would be Carlson’s last. After the news broke that he would no longer be hosting the network’s most popular show, the network’s ratings and market value plummeted.

The report shows that Carlson struck an upbeat note in a Twitter video that he posted. 

Tucker Carlson said that when you remove yourself from the fray for a few days, one of the initial things you notice is how many really wonderful individuals exist in this nation.  And a hysterical cast of characters as well.

He said that taking a break also allows you to reflect on how incredibly dumb most televised arguments are. They don’t even matter. It’s all for nothing. We will have forgotten about having them.

Meanwhile, the unquestionably major issues are hardly touched upon, he said. 

When have you witnessed a serious discussion on corporate power, war, developing science, civil rights, natural resources, or changes in demographics?