Judge Orders Voting Machine Cracked Open

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to reports, a Manalapan poll worker’s error has resulted in a court order to open two voting machines in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Thursday, Deputy Attorney General George Cohen stated that a poll worker inadvertently neglected to obtain vote results before sealing the machine.

Cohen stated that a poll worker removed two USB drives from the system before the final uploading of the results. Because one contains findings and the other does not, officials are uncertain about the actual outcomes.

Judge David Bauman has authorized the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections to open the voting machines. Cohen told the judge that the entire procedure would be nonpartisan.

It is unknown whether the machine’s results could alter Tuesday’s elections.

Local reporting shows vote totals announced on Wednesday revealed that the two candidates elected to the Township Committee had comfortable margins over their opponents.

According to preliminary findings, Mary Ann Musich, who received 8,988 votes, and Eric Nelson, who received 8,746 votes, were shown to be the winners of the two seats. Jamie Herr garnered 5,082 votes, while Lisa Lenn received 5,055 votes.

According to New Jersey media outlets, Mercer County, New Jersey, has also encountered machine problems. Tuesday’s scanning issues with Dominion Voting Systems equipment necessitated a substantial number of paper ballots in the county.

Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami-Covello requested that the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office examine if this scanning problem occurred due to an error or whether something was done purposely to generate disruption and mistrust in the electoral system.

Mercer County Superior Court Judge William Anklowitz approved an order to open the voting machines.

Reports show that in addition to the scanning issues, certain precincts in Mercer County have reported missing votes.

Cohen stated at the Mercer County hearing that out of an abundance of caution, the superintendent and board would like to open all of the tabulator storage compartments that have both the main compartment and an emergency ballot compartment.  That is to ensure that all votes cast in the general election have been collected and none left behind.

Judge Ankowitz complied with the request.

At least someone seems to be doing the right thing.