Juror Suffers Panic Attack During Trial Over Illicit Child Material Involving Star

(NewsGlobal.com)- A young female juror involved in the R. Kelly court case suffered a panic attack over illicit child material shown in the court room, according to Daily Caller. The panic attack happened shortly after the prosecution gave its closing argument. The judge presiding over the case said that the juror “couldn’t last another minute” and brought in an alternate juror, who has not been exposed to the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary in order to ensure a fair trial.

The incident took place in the Chicago courthouse and the woman’s condition remains unknown.

The prosecution alleges that Kelly is a sexual predator that took advantage of minors by using his celebrity status. He allegedly abused and exploited young girls throughout the height of his fame. The prosecution is arguing for no less than 25 years in prison, according to TMZ.

The defense reportedly seemed “outmatched” the outlet wrote, as the federal prosecutors called more witnesses. By contrast, the defense team called a handful of Kelly’s ex-employees and associates who testified, under oath, that they had never seen Kelly abuse anyone. But the prosecutors brought witnesses who made those claims questionable, at best. They testified that Kelly had managers, bodyguards and assistants that rounded up his victims before he exploited and groomed them.

This case is in addition to another in which Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison on charges of racketeering and sex trafficking.

Kelly was put on suicide watch after being sentenced in Brooklyn, New York in July. The 55-year-old disgraced artist was allegedly afraid of being put on suicide watch. His lawyer said that it was cruel to do so.

“To put someone under suicide watch under those conditions is cruel and unusual when they don’t need it,” his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean stated.

Kelly is facing two more trials, a federal case in Illinois and a state trial in Minnesota.