Justice Roberts Tried To Flip Conservative Justices On Roe V. Wade

(NewsGlobal.com)- It was reported last week that before the Supreme Court issued its final decision on the Dobbs case, Chief Justice John Roberts had tried to reach a compromise with the conservative justices that would uphold the Mississippi abortion law while keeping Roe v. Wade in place. But his efforts were scuttled by the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion in early May.

How great is that?

Some pro-abortion activist at the Supreme Court leaked the draft in hopes of putting pressure on the Court to keep Roe v. Wade in place, and the leak did the exact opposite.

You have to admit, that’s pretty funny.

According to CNN, multiple sources familiar with the situation said Chief Justice Roberts was already trying to persuade Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Amy Coney Barrett to change their position when the draft opinion was leaked.

The leak foiled the chief justice’s efforts and cemented the conservative justices’ decision to stick with their original vote overturning Roe.

CNN’s sources claim that the justices were aware that Alito’s draft opinion had been leaked a week before Politico published it on May 2.

After the opinion was leaked, Roberts issued a scathing statement calling the leak a “betrayal of the confidences of the Court intended to undermine the integrity of our operations.”

But from CNN’s report, one can’t help but wonder if one reason Roberts was so livid about the leak is that it undermined his ongoing discussions to get his fellow conservative jurists to uphold Roe.

While Roberts voted with the other five conservative justices to uphold the Mississippi law, he joined the liberals on the bench in opposing the majority decision to overturn both Roe v. Wade and the 1992 Casey decision.

In his concurring opinion on Dobbs, Roberts said overturning Roe and Casey is “a serious jolt to the legal system.”