Kamala Harris Embarrasses Herself With Poorly Read Speech

(NewsGlobal.com)- Either Vice President Kamala Harris’ speechwriters are just terrible at their job or they secretly want to make their boss look bad.

Last Friday, Kamala delivered prepared remarks at a special summit with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that contained Kamala’s trademark word salad.

Now, you would think when a speechwriter composes her remarks, Kamala could avoid diving headfirst into a word salad. But you would be wrong.


Good heavens. Someone wrote those words for her? How is that possible?

In that brief clip, Kamala used the phrase “work together” four times.

Speaking of “work together,” remember this speech from last year:

Again, those were prepared remarks.

We’ve come to expect redundant word salads from Kamala Harris when she’s speaking off the cuff. Like this:


And this:

But she’s doing it when reading prepared remarks too.

At this point, what other conclusion can you come to other than Kamala’s staff are actively trying to make her look bad?