Kamala Harris Plans Sends Emergency Message To Troops

(NewsGlobal.com)- On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered the commencement speech to the graduating cadets at the US Coast Guard Academy.

What did those cadets do to deserve that?

And because Kamala is a Democrat, she warned the Coast Guard cadets that we are living in a time when the “rule of law is strained” and “fundamental principles are under threat.”

Well, they are. But not in the way Kamala Harris thinks.

When the law is not equally applied to both the ruling class and its political opposition, the rule of law is strained. When parents are investigated as “domestic terrorists” for standing up to school boards while pro-abortion activists can flout the law by intimidating members of the Supreme Court, the rule of law is most definitely strained.

But of course, Kamala didn’t mean it that way.

She is also correct that our fundamental principles are being threatened. But the threat is coming from the administration she serves.

One of the fundamental principles of any sovereign nation is the concept of borders. But under the Biden administration, our borders are virtually non-existent. Illegals by the hundreds of thousands are flooding across a wide-open border and this administration does nothing to stop it.

The Biden administration seeks to undermine the fundamental principles of Free Speech, self-government, consent of the governed, and individual liberty. Rather than protect the fundamental principle of Life, this administration wants to codify the killing of the unborn through all nine months of pregnancy.

To have this administration’s Vice President warn about our fundamental principles being under threat as if she has nothing to do with it shows an unmatched lack of self-awareness.

Kamala also told the graduating cadets that they will be playing a role in helping the United States uphold the international “rules-based order.” When did the US Coast Guard become the International Coast Guard? But to Kamala, upholding the “international rules-based order” is one of the “defining missions” of the United States, and the US Coast Guard will play an important role in that.

Really? Where is that in the US Constitution?

The purpose of the US Coast Guard is to guard the US coast. This isn’t hard. It’s in the name.

But for Kamala Harris, like the rest of this “America Last” administration, the rest of the world always comes first while protecting the homeland never enters into the equation.