Kamala Harris Staffer Accidentally Leaves Behind Damning Tweets Despite Purging Thousands

(NewsGlobal.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris’ new top spokeswoman Kirsten Allen hit the news recently when it was revealed that she had deleted more than 10,000 tweets before the White House confirmed she had taken the new job…but it turns out that she missed a few of the tweets she should have deleted.

After using a special app designed to delete large numbers of tweets at once, which many speculated was an effort to hide her advocacy for extreme leftist organizations and causes before she entered the White House, Allen reportedly left behind a number of extremely concerning tweets that give us an insight into the kinds of tweets she scrubbed before anybody would have investigated her.

An investigation by Breitbart shows how Allen used Twitter and a number of other social media accounts to express her support for Palestinian extremists, calling the West Bank an “occupied” territory. Allen even reportedly expressed her support for the mayor of Oakland after she tipped off illegal aliens about ICE raids.

Mayor Libby Schaaf tipped off illegal aliens online about raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement being planned in her city, effectively allowing aliens to leave the area to avoid being arrested.

To be clear: Vice President Kamala Harris’ new spokeswoman expressed support for a mayor who helped illegal aliens avoid American authorities.

A Facebook post by Allen from 2016 also reportedly shows Allen sharing a video of a ten-year-old girl reporting from what she called “occupied Palestine, Jerusalem.”

In a more recent post on Instagram in 2017, Allen even shared a photograph of herself and a man standing in front of the grave of extremist Leon Trotsky, a revolutionary Ukrainian-Russian Marxist. Trotsky was also the founder of the Red Army.

So, Harris’ new aide supports helping illegal alien criminals, smiles and poses on the grave of Leon Trotsky in front of a hammer and sickle, and backs Palestinian extremists murdering innocent Israelis.

It’s no wonder she deleted 10,000 tweets, is it?