Kamala Harris Wants To Throw $500 Million In Taxpayer Money At Replacing Oil

(NewsGlobal.com)- Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Falls Church, Virginia to promote the so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Law from which the Biden administration will “invest” $500 million into “clean bus funding” for public schools across the country.

And during her remarks at Meridian High School, the vapid VP gushed over electric school buses with the same condescending, childlike wonder she typically reserves for talking about space.

Say, did you know electric buses don’t have a diesel smell?

They’re also quiet! Yes, sir. The driver can hear the road:

Naturally, Kamala’s cackle made an appearance as well:

And again:

And again:

Kamala talks about yellow school buses the same way she describes seeing the craters on the moon “with your own eyes.”

This woman is supposed to inhabit the second most powerful office in the world. But every time she speaks, she talks to her audience like she’s reading a picture book to a bunch of preschoolers.

You would think if the Vice President was going to announce sinking half a billion dollars of taxpayer money on stink-free, quiet school buses that probably wouldn’t survive the winter in the northern part of the country, she could at least speak to taxpayers like they’re adults and not halfwit children.