Kanye West Says CIA Is Secretly Backing Disney And Pixar

(NewsGlobal.com)- Ye, who was formerly known as Kanye West, has made his way back into the news this week.

After only a few hours of appearing on the Lex Fridman program, the wealthy founder of the Yeezy brand was informed that his apparel brand relationship with Adidas had been cancelled.

Adidas has announced that they are cutting all connections with Ye because of his “anti-Semitic” statements.

During the course of the same conversation, Ye did, however, offer some thought-provoking insights concerning the CIA.

According to the founder of Yeezy, the CIA finances Pixar and Disney films in order to instill a culture of materialism within the general populace.

His statements against the CIA aren’t entirely bonkers, despite the fact that the majority of the corporate media believes Ye has gone off his meds.

Paul Helliwell was a CIA operator who had a reputation of operating shady operations in South East Asia when he was hired by Disney in the middle of the 1960s. William Donovan was the leader of the OSS, which would later convert into the CIA. Donovan was hired by Disney as well.

The Walt Disney Company engaged the services of agents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to carry out a disinformation operation so that it could purchase a large tract of land in Florida that would eventually become the site of Disney World.

It was Helliwell and Donovan’s responsibility to establish a number of front organizations in order to acquire real estate. This was necessary because the acreage value would skyrocket if locals learned that Disney was purchasing their land.

In a story headed “How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida,” even the left-leaning Daily Beast did not try to hide the fact that Disney has the support of the CIA.

Paul Helliwell, an agent of the CIA, would go to any lengths necessary to assist Disney World in establishing its own district, which he would name the Reedy Creek Improvement District, so that it could have tax privileges and its own private government.

On the other hand, the Florida legislature, with the support of Governor Ron DeSantis, terminated the tax advantages and self-governing power that Disney had previously had in the state.