Kate Middleton Shares Update on Work During Cancer Treatment

Britain’s Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has received a report on her work in pushing forward with a new family support project. Doctors say the Princess has yet to return to Royal duties but has been instrumental in advancing the Royal Foundation Business Taskforce for Early Childhood, which she launched last year.

In a new report on the organization’s progress, published on May 20, studies claim that the UK’s economy could be boosted by billions of dollars with a focus on supporting parents and thereby enhancing childhood. The task force recommended several interventions businesses can make to ensure more worker flexibility and support for families. The group’s committee, which led the research, comprises some of the UK’s most successful business leaders, including IKEA’s chief executive and leaders from Deloitte and British banking giant NatWest.

The group estimated that the British economy could benefit from addressing children’s emotional and social well-being and supporting working parents. Its report stated that public spending would dramatically drop if the number of people with problem childhoods was reduced.

Christian Guy, executive director of the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, said the Princess was “excited” by the group’s progress and encouraging report.

Meanwhile, Prince William, the Princess’s husband and future King, visited St. Mary’s Community Hospital in the South of England and briefly updated his wife’s health. The Prince said she was doing very well, while an official update from Kensington Palace—the formal residence of the Prince and Princess—stated that while Kate is progressing in her treatment, she must continue to undergo “preventative” chemotherapy for an undisclosed form of cancer.

The Princess of Wales reported her cancer diagnosis in March following months of speculation surrounding her sudden disappearance from public life. She made the announcement just weeks after her husband’s father, King Charles III, was also diagnosed with the disease. The King visited cancer sufferers at a facility in May and described how his treatment had caused him to lose his sense of taste.