KJP Pressed By Reporter On Bidenomics Issue

White House correspondent Karine Jean-Pierre was at a loss for words when a journalist pointed out that Bidenomics had failed to reduce Americans’ costs of living.

Rising mortgage rates, failed banks, rising inflation, record-high rent, expensive food, and shrinking retirement accounts are all hallmarks of the Biden administration’s economic policies.

The 0.4% annual consumer price increase in September was higher than predicted.

Core CPI excludes food and energy costs; the following are the most recent monthly values:

There was a 0.2 percent hike in the cost of food. Gasoline prices have increased by 2.1%. There was a 1.5 percent hike in the cost of electricity. The cost of fuel oil has gone up by 8.5%.

“Food costs rose 3.7% year-over-year, with a 6% rise in food bought outside the home,” but “energy costs dropped 0.5%.” — According to CNBC.

Inflation has increased by over 18% since Joe Biden took office in January 2021. Wage losses have surpassed 3% recently.

A White House reporter questioned Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday, bringing up the disappointing inflation numbers and the fact that prices aren’t falling.

The journalist noted that higher-than-expected annual inflation of 3.7% is consistent with the prior month’s reading and then asked in what ways, if any, expenditures have been affected in the past several months by the money invested during the past year to reduce them.

KJP responded by saying, “Bidenomics is in action.”

She said President Biden is engaged in ongoing efforts to reduce costs.

The reporter was unimpressed with her answer and pressed harder.

Her follow-up response was that “people are still dealing with a lot of stuff.” Then, she falsely claimed that “wages are up.”

She ended her answer with a familiar left-wing refrain- she railed against Republicans, accusing them of being irresponsible for wanting to lower tax rates.