Kristi Noem Takes Stand For Jason Aldean

According to reports, South Dakota’s Republican governor, Kristi Noem, has joined the chorus of people who have defended country music artist Jason Aldean on social media in the wake of criticism over a new music video in which he supposedly challenges Black Lives Matter protesters to “try that in a small town.”

In Noem’s video posted to social media, she said those who commit violent crimes, insult law officers, or the American flag are told in Aldean’s music video for “Try That in a Small Town.”  

Noem expressed her dismay at the backlash against Jason and his ideals in the United States and his music on social media. She appreciated that Aldean and Brittany were vocal in their support of law and the nation.

In her video message, the governor invited Aldean to play wherever in South Dakota, even outside of the governor’s residence.

The song was criticized by far-left progressive groups who felt it had racist overtones. The song’s video was taken off of rotation on Country Music Television, the network reported.

Aldean, 46, denied that the song, which was released in May, included any racial references or implied anything of the like.

Aldean took to social media to explain that in 24 hours, he was accused of creating a pro-lynching single, a tune that had been available since May and compared it to how he was feeling about the statewide BLM riots. He said he was not pleased with them.

These are not merely useless but potentially harmful references. Not a single line in the song alludes to or even mentions race. Each and every video clip is from authentic news footage. He acknowledged that people are entitled to their own musical interpretations of songs but felt this one went too far.

A report shows that Cody Johnson, another prominent name in country music, was on hand to cheer on Jason Aldean last Friday night in St. Louis, Missouri.

Johnson said that if Jason Aldean is watching this video, his message is to keep it up!