Lara Trump Says No Enthusiasm to Attend Biden Speech

Lara Trump, who is the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, and also the RNC Co-Chair, has recently stated the reality of the morale comparison between current President Biden and presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump.

In a sit-down interview with Newsmax Monday, Lara Trump stated that the enthusiasm for Joe Biden being reelected as president is much lower than it should be and that even Biden himself knows that. RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump compared two recent events with both presidential candidates. The first was Biden’s recent trip to Morehouse College in Georgia, and the second was her father-in-law’s attendance at a recent NRA convention.

Lara Trump described Biden’s visit to Morehouse College by stating that no one was excited about the President’s arrival and that the streets surrounding the historical university were empty, with no energy or enthusiasm anywhere. On the other hand, Trump’s visit to the NRA convention last week, amidst his ongoing business fraud trial in Manhattan, was a packed venue. Trump spoke to over 72,000 audience members at the convention and successfully secured the NRA’s endorsement during the process.

Lara Trump stated that President Biden has indulged in many strategies to get the largest number of votes, even accusing the current President of pandering, pointing out that Biden is seeing the poll number difference between him and Trump. Lara elaborated that Biden’s recent pandering is because many voters can see through the political “lies” that Biden has created compared to what he had promised, as well as reflecting on the economic success in America during the days of the Trump presidency.

The wife of the former president’s second oldest son Eric, admitted that Americans are realizing how much better their lives were four years ago. Lara Trump spoke of rising inflation that voters have seen in daily tasks such as grocery shopping and getting gas, and how “better off” Americans were when Donald Trump was president.